5030 Oaklawn Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45227, USA
5030 Oaklawn Drive Cincinnati Ohio 45227 US

Starfire is a visionary organization working to build better lives for people with disabilities. Since 1993, Starfire has worked to create a more inclusive Cincinnati. Starfire is focused on decreasing the social isolation felt by people with disabilities. Working with one person at a time, Starfire connects people to relationships and uncovers a person’s talents and passions – so they can thrive in their communities alongside their neighbors.

Starfire’s Community Building program connects people with developmental disabilities to community members with the intention of creating meaningful and sustained relationships. On average, people beginning Starfire’s program have only 1 or 2 close community friendships. Starfire supports people with developmental disabilities experiencing loneliness by connecting them to people and passions in their local area. Starfire supports 75+ adults with developmental disabilities (DD) in a direct, 1:1 model for an average of 156 hours per person annually to connect each person socially through valued roles. Starfire’s Community Building program is supported in part through Medicaid waiver dollars, grants, and private donations.

Starfire works one-on-one with people with disabilities to secure competitive community employment tailored to match their strengths and the employer’s needs. The Customized Competitive Employment program is supported in part through the State of Ohio, grants, and private donations.

Starfire helps families of people with disabilities by providing year-long mentorship to help launch family-led projects. Through Starfire’s Community Design Sessions, families can community members can join together to help one another design and grow good lives and communities. Starfire’s Family Directed program is supported solely through grants and private donations.

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