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At Hines Little Smiles, we understand how important your child’s teeth are in his or her early development. Primary teeth affect your child’s speech skills, the growth of permanent teeth, and his or her self-image. There are many parents who believe that there is no need to care for their child’s first set of teeth. We all know that they fall out and new ones replace them as they grow. But in reality, starting early with caring for your child’s mouth will make all the difference in the future. How? Well along with what we have already mentioned, it also can keep your children’s health in excellent condition, and helps when their permanent begin to show. It helps prevent expensive braces or other potential procedures that can create added costs none of us want. We are glad that you are taking the initiative right now to care for your child’s smile. While they are at our practice we’ll make sure your child gets that healthy smile, help to avoid early tooth decay, and establish an early foundation of good dental care that will last the rest of their lives

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