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The Family Support Services Program (FSSP) assists families who are caring for a family member with disabilities. It promotes family unity by enabling people with disabilities to remain at home rather than moving into group homes or institutions.

To receive Family Support Services, the individual must be eligible for services from Hamilton County DD Services and meet income guidelines. Currently, each family can receive up to $500 a year for the items listed below, and $250 more is available for each additional family member with a disability.

To get connected with Family Support Services contact your Service and Support Administrator (SSA) or call (513) 794-3300. Once enrolled, a family member is encouraged to attend an orientation to learn more about the program, what is covered, and how to obtain needed services or items.

Covered services:

  • Respite care
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Counseling/training
  • Home modifications
  • Special diets
  • Other approved requests
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