674 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, OH, USA
674 Cleveland Avenue Columbus Ohio 43215 US

Family-Centered, Individualized Services for Children with Special Needs

Here at The Childhood League Center, we believe that:

    • It is the right of all individuals to be a part of their community.
    • Every child is unique and has innate strengths, capabilities, and potential.
    • Every child has a right to quality early childhood education.
    • Learning is active. It requires love, support, and guidance. It is possible through exploration, experimentation, and meaningful connections.
    • Families are essential to a child’s healthy development.

  • These beliefs drive everything we do. The Childhood League Center serves children with special needs, birth to age 6. We also serve children without special needs and those at risk of not developing healthily to their full potential.

    Children receive our early childhood education, interventions and therapies at the most critical time in their development – when windows and doors are wide-open and long-term impacts can be made.

    90% of brain development happens by the age of 5
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