541 S Drexel Ave, Bexley, OH, United States
541 South Drexel Avenue Bexley Ohio 43209 US

Cherbourg Bakery is a dedicated Gluten and Nut Free Bakery in Columbus, Ohio. No wheat, nut or gluten products have ever been used in our kitchen. Our baked goods are made with minimally processed ingredients, from as many local resources as we can muster. To make things better is to make them simpler.

We use farm butter (from grass-grazing, happy-cows), local eggs, and only two flours. We do NOT use any gums, fillers, starches, bean flours, vegetable oils, nut flours or any other unnecessary ingredients in our baked goods.

Everything is made daily, by-hand in small batches and following traditional recipes. We are doing things differently and that’s clear in the great texture and flavor of our baked goods.

The name of our bakery comes from my favorite port-town, Cherbourg, France. I love Cherbourg, for its welcoming people and down-to-earth feel. My grandfather helped to liberate Cherbourg, in World War II and it was also my Grandmothers, port-town to the United States. It has been a safe-haven to many people and Cherbourg Bakery represents that same sense of welcome, dependability and warmth.

The Cherbourg Bakery Mission is to make the best Gluten & Nut Free baked goods, in a friendly, beautiful and welcoming environment. I hope you find your way to us soon.

Be Sweet.


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