12142 Westerly Dr, Cincinnati, OH, United States
12142 Westerly Drive Cincinnati Ohio 45231 US

The camp is for Deaf or Hearing Impaired students grades 2 to 9 that have a knowledge of American Sign Language.  The theme of the camp is Nature and Art.  Camp staff is composed primarily of Deaf adults, with the entire staff being fluent in American Sign Language.

One of the primary goals of the camp experience is to expose young campers to as many Deaf adults as possible to help them understand that Deaf people are varied in their interests and communication styles, and to instill in them the reality that Deaf can indeed be successful in whatever they might choose.  Presenters will participate daily and will be coming from Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio Department of Wildlife, DWAVE out of Columbus, and various Deaf professionals to name a few.

Camp participants will have lessons throughout the day in Deaf Culture and storytelling, nature-related arts and crafts, various aspects of nature with regard to plants and animals, team building activities and much more.  The majority of the presentations will be given in American Sign Language and for the hearing presenters that don’t sign, a sign language interpreter will be provided.  The camp is designed to be a “total immersion ASL experience” which means that  communication focus will be in ASL.


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