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Emergency Preparedness Training for Individuals with Paralysis and other Disabilities
How Prepared Are You? Learn How To Best Prepare for an Emergency!
Wednesday, February 12
10:00am – 1:00pm
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital – MOB, 3430 Burnet Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45229
Come join us for an informative session about emergency preparedness for people with paralyis and other disabilities! This training will inform individuals with paralysis and their caregivers about emergency planning. Participation in this training will inform attendees on how to: Identify how to prepare for the 10 Impacts of Disasters, Create an emergency plan with the assistance of a caregiver, and Understand the necessary steps for Sheltering In Place, Community Sheltering, and Evacuating. This interactive session will engage participants in discussion about how preparing for an emergency is specific to each individuals needs and how to best meet those needs.