DODD (Department of Developmental Disabilities)

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) remains dedicated to health and public safety as the department responds to coronavirus (COVID-19). Please visit for additional details.

» What COVID 19 Means for Families

» Covid Information By and For People with Disabilities

» Well Aware: Tips for The DD Community During COVID-19

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Family Resource Network is dedicated to providing resources to assist families during these challenging and complex times. We will be providing resources from the CDC as well as other sources for your use. Please visit for additional details.

» Coronavirus/Cold/Flu Symptom Checklist

» Toolkit for People with Disabilities

» What To Do If You Are Sick

» Symptoms and Testing

» How to Protect Yourself

» Manage Anxiety and Stress

» Get Your Household Ready for Covid-19

Ohio Department Of Health: Bruce T. Vanderhoff, M.D., Director of Health 

Find the latest guidelines from The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) using the links below.

» Covid 19 Vaccination Program

» ODH:

» Coping with COVID 19 Anxiety

» Children/Youth with Special Healthcare Needs – COVID-19 Checklist



Educational Information

 Back to school information for families with disabilities.

» School Decision Checklist

» School Reentry Factsheet

On Line Opportunities

Many resources have moved to on line and virtual events. We will list them here and on our resources pages.

» Online Family First Series

» TASC Secondary Transition Virtual Learning Opportunities

» Mental Health Self-Care: Practical Ways to Improve Your Well-Being

» Stay Calm and Well Webinar Series for Early Adolescents

Impact of Covid 19: Survey for those with IDD/DD

Thanks to our friends at Inclusion International, an international group of self-advocates will be reviewing findings and co-developing recommendations.  This is a great development and will ensure that the self-advocate voice will be heard.

One of the ethical requirements imposed a condition of the research funding was that respondents have information about how to get in touch with organizations where they could get help if they were in trouble.  We have included links to a number of organizations including Protection and Advocacy Organizations and a directory of Arcs on the U.S. version.

There is also a Spanish language version.  Because of the ethical requirements noted above, respondents will initially be directed to the “Click here to take the survey in English if you live in the USA” link so they see relevant support services in the U.S., but they are free to select Spanish or other languages while they are on the first page of the survey.

By the end of December, the first article on the findings will be submitted.  Following that the data will be on an open platform available to researchers here and abroad.

We believe that this survey will yield important information that will be helpful to those who care about people with IDD in this country and internationally.

» Covid 19 IDD study

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